How To Raise Your Frequency, Energy, And Vibration

Nikola Tesla said ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’’

The demanding world we live in inculcates in us the drive to ferociously chase after success and perfection. Many motivational speakers talk about how much work goes into becoming someone that society considers as successful. As a result, many of us have this idea that if we only work tirelessly for 12 hours a day, we will become rich. While working hard is important in achieving financial abundance, it is not the only way.

The real key to living the life we want is increasing your own frequency. We are all forms of energy. When our energy is at a high frequency, we feel healthier, happier and are able to attract abundance and prosperity. On the other hand, when we are in a low state of vibrational frequency, we are often unhealthy, unfit, unhappy, or suffer from mental health problems. Simply put, the more we raise our positive energy out into the world, the more we can manifest the kind of life we want.

There are certain things in life that are very heavy, dark and dense—negative thought patterns, extreme emotions, bad habits. It often happens when our body, mind, and soul are full of junk. Perhaps you initiate fights, do drugs, drink alcohol, eat poorly, have dysfunctional relationships, feel stranded in life or often feel sadness, anxiety and fear. These are common indicators that you have low vibration. Then there is the high, vibrating, enjoyable frequency that you find in practicing self-love, meditating, stretching, doing yoga, eating healthy, listening to soothing music, nurturing yourself and nurturing others. You have the power to change your frequency to change your reality.

For years, I was stuck in such a low frequency. I thought I had no way of connecting to the other parts of myself. I thought life was just about going through the monotony of every day, working hard and paying bills over and over. When I went on this life-changing detoxing journey, I was able to connect with higher parts of myself I didn’t know existed.

The truth is when you raise your energetic vibrational frequency, you gain a whole new perspective in life. You see a different side of yourself, your spirituality and the world you live in. Amazing people will gravitate towards you. You will start naturally attracting the things you desire from good health to great relationships to any form of abundance. There is enough abundance in this world for all of us.

The reality is that you will most likely swing between higher and lower vibrations. Be conscious of your thoughts because they become your reality. Tune into your emotions; they are indicators of your frequency. Acknowledge any negative feelings, address them in a healthy way, and move in the direction of achieving happiness. Remember that you are responsible for how you choose to live your life in this world. Decide to achieve your highest self. Strive to live an authentic, fulfilling life. Cleanse your vessel through detoxing and reconnect with nature. More importantly, focus on love.

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Is Turpentine & Castor Oil Dangerous?

When one is exposed to toxins, the body becomes an ideal breeding ground for parasites. So an important stage in heavy metal detoxification is killing off these opportunistic organisms living in your gut and feed off of your life force.

One of the many ways you can do this is by taking turpentine and castor oil. Since both are heavily used in chemical industries, you are probably wondering if ingesting these oils can be harmful to your health.

I found out about these powerful natural remedies at about eight months into my healing journey. Around that time, I have already gone through a lot of work to get rid of my parasites. This combination definitely made a mark; I instantly felt the systemic effect in my body as soon as I started taking it.

In the video, I go into detail about the benefits of using turpentine oil, how to mix this healing modality with castor oil for optimum results, and the dosage that works for me. This will be the first in a series of videos where I share everything that I know about parasites. If you can reduce toxicity, get rid of parasites, and replenish the nutrients in your body, you will able to be the person you need to be on this planet.

Turpentine oil comes from distilled resin from pine trees. A solvent and main source of materials for organic synthesis, it is commonly used in the production of insecticides, resins, camphor, and synthetic pine oil. But for decades, turpentine oil has also been a common home remedy for stomach ailments, infections, and inflammations. It is antiseptic, diuretic, and well known for its healing properties when it comes to intestinal parasites such as candida and tapeworm.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels is one of the biggest advocates in using turpentine oil as a healing modality. She recommends orally taking a mixture of turpentine oil with fine white sugar or sugar cubes. According to her, the sugar lures the parasites out while the turpentine oil kills them off. Her method has been tried and tested by many.

Personally, mixing turpentine oil with castor oil worked best for me. Castor oil is used in manufacturing paints, soaps, inks, nylon, textiles, and lubricants, to name a few. But it is also powerful natural remedy that has been used for generations. The oil comes from cold pressing seeds from the castor plant. It has amazing anti-inflammatory, blood circulation, digestive, skin healing, and many other therapeutic properties. Moreover, castor oil is also a laxative, which is always great when you are trying to flush parasites out of your system.

Guidelines in Taking Turpentine & Castor Oil

– To ensure effectiveness, only use the highest quality of organic turpentine and castor oil. I personally recommend Diamond G 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine.

– Take a teaspoon of turpentine oil and a heaping tablespoon of castor oil ideally on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I generally do not suggest doing any parasite protocols at night because it may disrupt your sleeping pattern.

– For this cleansing method, ideally, take the said dose for five days and then take two days off. Do this for several weeks followed by a maintenance period of only doing it once a week.

– Take things slow. Taking these oils could either make you feel like a disaster or make you feel better instantly. Devote a day to it and observe the results.

– Parasites live in the intestinal tract. Boost the effectiveness of ingesting castor oil by putting it in capsules and freezing it. The frozen encapsulated oil will pass through your stomach and small intestine before it starts dissolving. This also makes the otherwise unpleasant taste more tolerable.

– While these are natural oils, you may experience discomfort or side effects depending on your current condition. For example, castor oil should not be taken by pregnant women as it may induce labor. Seek the advice of your physician or otherwise qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition before undertaking any diet, exercise, supplement, health program, or other procedures.

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Superfood Recipe To Combat ADD/ADHD Naturally

As someone who took Ritalin religiously just to get through college, figuring out how my apparent ADD and ADHD was in fact related to my suffering from heavy metal poisoning, was absolutely life-changing. With this little elixir of a recipe, I was able to regain focus and mental clarity, while replenishing my body with the nutrients it was craving for. If you are preparing for a detox, this smoothie will prove to be especially beneficial to your health, as it is nutrient dense and will serve as a great way to kick-start your body back into a state of well-being.

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Using a blender, here are the ingredients you want to combine:

(The exact dosage of each item can be flexible, as they are all superfoods – so I will give you a rough estimate, but feel free to modify if you please.)

  • 1-2 cups of organic almond/cashew/walnut milk
  • 1 scoop plant protein powder by Garden of Life
  • 3 caps “Mastermind” by Jing Herbs
  • ½-1 tsp He Shou Woo Jing Herbs
  • 2 caps Vitamin C
  • ½ tsp Spirulina
  • 1 tsp Chlorella
  • 1 tsp Macuna
  • 1 tsp Bacopa
  • 1 tsp Moringa
  • 1 tsp Glycine
  • 1 tsp Theanine
  • 1 tsp Maca
  • 1 tsp Dragon Bone by Jing Herbs
  • 1-2 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil
  • + add some Stevia if you need to add some sweetness

For added energy and caffeine, add one or two of these:

  • 1 tsp Yerba Mate
  • 1 tsp Matcha
  • 1 tsp Shilajit

Additional supplements for added focus:

  • Pine pollen
  • Hemp seeds
  • Maqui berry
  • Marine Phytoplankton
  • Acai Berry
  • Pycnogenol

Other supplements to take with the smoothie for focus:

  • Omegas
  • Magnesium

This green smoothie makes for the best replacement of your standard pharmaceuticals. Make it first thing in the morning, to consume before starting your workday, in order to help you stay focused and energized for much longer.

If you have the time, watch the video HERE on our YouTube channel for some explanations on why these ingredients are nutritious and how they can aid you on your mission to achieve better mental clarity and increased focus.

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Superfood Recipe To Combat ADD/ADHD Naturally