For the next several months, I will be offering 1 on 1 calls for all of those looking to dive deeper with their health.

After the call, you will receive supporting documents and links for the supplements that were discussed. The costs for working with me 1 on 1 are:

$400 – 75-minute consultation

$1000 – Video coaching course (Premium), private Facebook group, and 90-minute consultation.

If you can afford it and are truly looking for life transformation, the 2nd option is a far better alternative. I will try my best to share all of the trade secrets on a single call, but it is extremely difficult to convey the massive amounts information in one shot. That is why having the video coaching course and private Facebook group in your arsenal is of extreme value.

Please email me at to schedule a consult or purchase the bundle.

Health is a choice. Learn how to choose it.

Josh Macin
The Detox Dudes