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When I was a young, naive soul in high school, I found wrestling. This is the second time I have brought it up, and for one important reason. Wrestling in high school saved my life. There is no chance I would have made it through the other side of this crucible, had I not established the discipline, focus, and delayed gratification through wrestling. Had it not carved a relentless “fight until death” attitude, I simply would have given up.  It wasn’t the act of wrestling that shaped me – it was my coach. He was a great wrestler, a great man, and a great leader. He was a technical wizard in the complex and multidimensional sport that is wrestling. But all of those qualities paled in comparison to one. 90% of his success as a coach could be attributed to one quality.

He cared.

He cared when you didn’t listen, and he cared when you did. He cared when you were pinning every opponent, and he cared when you were on a losing streak. He cared if you were doing drugs, and cared if you were a straight A student. He wanted to make the best wrestler out of us, but more importantly he wanted to make men of us. His heart was 100% devoted to teaching us how to win. During my illness, on days that death and I were separated only by technicality of a present heartbeat, I would decide to go for a run or a swim instead of taking my life. While exercising, I would hear his voice in the back of my mind. My screams being muffled by the chlorine water, or my tears dripping onto the asphalt. During practice, he would scream at the top of his lungs when I was caving into the grueling exercise. “How bad do you want it Macin?! – Do you want to be great, or do you want to be mediocre?!

It didn’t matter if I was exhausted, if I had a broken toe, or if I was puking. The question of “How bad do you want it?” always rattled me to my core and kept me moving forward. A good coach could make all the difference in the world between losing and winning. Between pain and love. Between a cage of suffering and mediocrity – and a life of joy, inner peace, purpose and freedom. Everybody needs a coach.

I operate from a different paradigm than the current system that is in place. Many doctors will talk to you for 15 minutes, tell you that it’s “genetic” and write a prescription for something that they have never taken. Many have never even personally dealt with illness. With this system, one can understand the level of pain and sickness that we are plagued with today as a collective. The most significant difference between me and the rest of the system, put simply, is that I care.

Yes I have also been through the fire. I took dozens of pharmaceutical drugs and tranquilizers for depression and anxiety.  I spent $120,000+ dollars on supplements, herbs, and cleanses. I traveled the world and lived in the Amazon jungle where my sole focus was taking long, deep breaths and witnessing my thoughts. I did dozens of colonics, hundreds of enemas, water fasted for months out of the year, stared at the sun to heal my pineal gland, and read hundreds of books about health and two books about drinking my own urine.  Yes, I followed the laws of trophology to a T, ate zero sugar, and went three months at a time without releasing my chi. And yes, I chelated too quickly, shat out 500+ worms, and spent days crying in the fetal position from taking one wrong step in the dance that is healing from heavy metal toxicity.

All of that is important – but the reason you can transform your health when working with me is because I care if you do. I take it personally. Even without technical detox advice, the emotional support, reassurance, and direction that comes as a side effect of working with me is well worth the price of the consult itself. I was born with the blessing and curse of being an empath, and I can literally feel the pain of every single person that I speak with. When I feel that pain, something else takes over and my desire to help rises to the occasion.

It's impossible to convey the whole detox picture to somebody in one hour, but most people feel that they receive exactly what they need to take their health to the next level – tailored to where they currently are on the journey. Even though there is a ton of free information on my website and YouTube channel, I'd say that currently represents about 25% of what I have in my arsenal.

We will discuss topics ranging from supplements, foods, elixir recipes, juicing, superfoods, lifestyle changes, spirituality, self-love, and recommended books etc. There is truly no subject off limits. I use my spiritual training to create a safe space on the phone where you will feel comfortable and know that you are truly talking to somebody that is present, open, and compassionate. People tell me all the time that they can't believe how much they shared with some “random dude” on the internet.

In my experience, detoxification and lifestyle change should lead to states of consciousness that haven’t been experienced since childhood. It can change your walk, the way you talk, and the way you relate to the world. Once you start cleaning the junk, elevating your chi and vitality, and doing the spiritual work in conjunction, people will start looking at you in funny ways. Almost with a sense of curiosity as to what you are doing differently than everyone else. Believe it or not, the color of my eyes has changed dramatically since detoxification. From a super dark brown to a light golden brown! Detoxification will allow you to live up to your true soul potential and feel as if the weight of the multi-generational virus has lifted.

During our calls, I will also explain any additional healing modalities that I feel would be fitting for you. The hardest part of detox is picking a lane and sticking to it. Especially when you are intelligent, motivated, and determined to heal yourself – endlessly scouring the internet for more information can be a deadly trap and extremely overwhelming to a sick and tired mind.  There are millions of “great” supplements out there, but it has to be put together in a way that makes sense. The direction and focus that comes with speaking to me is worth the price by itself. The homework is done, and you can put all of your energy to healing, getting your life back, and not have to worry about the mental gymnastics that come with trying to be your own healer.

This journey is not just about physical detoxification. I will teach you how to detoxify your life, limiting belief systems, relationships and just live a cleaner life overall. I will teach you the way of the peaceful warrior – something that I am working towards on a daily basis. Through talking with me, you will gain a massive amount of knowledge on the body, ancient healing modalities, and modern detox that is not taught in any school or course.

I also offer long-term coaching programs for people who I connect with very well on the phone. You can ask me about that on the call if you are interested.

Health is a choice. Learn how to choose it.

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Josh Macin