Warning – Implementing the following information can lead to profound transformations to your health and well-being. Side effects include reduced aggression, deep states of peace and love, and a warm vibration of love flowing through your body. These changes may be so profound that you may find yourself less motivated to fight, and more interested in doing a yoga class or watching birds fly. Please do not read any further if these new activities and/or side effects would ruin your life plan.

This section was originally devoted to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA athletes, but I realized that it can serve a much wider range of people. So if you don't train BJJ, ignore the jargon and just follow the detox advice, but if you do – enjoy it and be prepared to have your fight game transformed.  Throughout my illness, when I started diving really deep into ancient healing modalities, I realized that I was probably operating at 50% of what I was truly capable of, even during my prime jiu-jitsu days. I was eating all of the wrong foods, taking all of the wrong supplements, and could have easily fought one weight class down if I would have cleansed my colon of decades worth of impacted fecal matter. When I won the Pan Ams in 2012, I thought that I had it all figured out, but this was most definitely not a sustainable path that I was on.

I would spend thousands of dollars on supplements and pills to try and get an edge on the jiu-jitsu mat. Five supplements for mental concentration, two for relaxing before a tournament, one for training days, two for recovery – etc. At that stage of the game, I wanted to win so incredibly bad, that I simply would have done anything to gain an advantage. Just look at the sport of MMA today – you have guys literally starving themselves and dehydrating themselves to near-death to win. The funny thing is that there are SO many other things that are 10x easier and actually good for you in the long term to do instead of the insane weight cutting, overtraining, and dangerous or illegal supplements/drugs.

Now that I have a deep understanding of how the body works, how it detoxes, and how to increase vitality and energy, I am confident one can make tremendous progress in jiu-jitsu simply from following a specific diet/supplement program:


The elixir of life. When I was at my peak, training 2x a day many days and drinking well over a gallon of water a day, I was drinking toxic NYC tap water to replenish my cells after long hard training. Tap water all around the country has been found time and time again to contain pharmaceutical drugs, toxic metals, viruses and pathogens, and hundreds of other chemicals. One should NEVER drink tap water, and especially not somebody who is trying to climb to the top of one of the world’s most physically and mentally grueling sports. You think bottled water is the solution? Very wrong. Unfortunately, most bottled water is just as toxic – and through transportation in hot conditions, dangerous levels of BPA are also leached into the water. What one needs to do if they are serious about their health and serious about their training is purchase a Big Berkey water filter for their home or gym. It has been proven to be the #1 most effective water filter for filtering metals, viruses, bacteria, pharmaceutical drugs, etc. For an initial purchase of about $300 which will pay for itself in a few months – you don’t have to replace the filters for a year. Get the additional arsenic/fluoride add on filters as well. Replenish your body with good electrolytes during and after training as well.

* A lot of people have asked me about Infrared saunas – The Sauna Fix is in my opinion the best IR sauna on the market. IR sauna is extremely beneficial and in my opinion a crucial part of the detox process.


When I was training at my hardest, I would eat anything and everything. Massive quantities of low quality sushi, Chipotle, whey protein (which has crazy levels of hormones, antibiotics, and toxins), absurd amounts of poorly raised beef and chicken – and basically anything that would fill me up for my budget. After years of consistent organic, and clean eating I have found ways to eat incredibly well for relatively cheap. If you are a serious athlete – completely devoted to the art and to winning – I suggest that 95% of your meals come are from home-cooked meals. This will help your bank account, but more importantly – your health and vitality. Go to Whole Foods every 3-4 days and get as many organic vegetables as you’d like. Kale, collard greens, black radish, beets, carrots, etc. – Place in a large pot with 1 inch of water and steam for 15-20 minutes. This will be your base of most of your meals with a source of protein added to it.

Protein – Grass fed beef/lamb, pasture-raised chicken, soft poached organic and free range eggs (you want the egg yolks to be runny or raw always), clean sardines, red quinoa, wild black rice (which has more protein than ANY other grain in the world), and buckwheat. Add organic, cold pressed olive oil and sea salt/cayenne to every meal.

Meal replacements for tournament days or when on-the-go: Making your own Superfood Bars

Power Pudding: Also, add 6 or more raw organic free range egg yolks into a bowl. Throw a bunch of kerrygold grass-fed butter, a little bit of grains, sea salt, maca, and colostrum and mix well. It is an incredibly nutritious pudding that will make you feel amazing and you can take it on the go. Watch this for instructions.

Protein shakeGarden of Life plant Protein, chia seeds, and superfoods listed below.

Bone Broth – Add 2 lbs grass fed bones (Buy at Whole Foods or online) into a large pot. Add 1.5 gallons distilled water, any vegetables you want, turmeric, cinnamon, a lot of sea salt. Boil for one minute and then steep on lowest setting for 24-48 hours. After it cools, strain out the veggies and bones and enjoy. This is amazing for the gut, joints, and for energy. You will feel AMAZING by drinking bone broth consistently.

You can also replace this with Bone Broth Protein powder.

Supplements/Superfoods/Medicinal Mushrooms 

It is impossible in this day to get what we need from diet alone. Our soils are depleted and thus every single food is lacking minerals and nutrients that are needed for vitality. 1 carrot today is really ¼ of a carrot if you compare it to its nutrient content even as recently as thirty years ago. If you want to take your training, recovery, and nutrition to the next level, experiment with some or all of the following superfoods/supplements.

Algae Oil – for brain protection

Whole Food Sourced Vitamin C – 4g daily

Whole Food Sourced Vitamin D – 5,000 iu daily

Nettle Infusions – buy from

Digestive Enzymes – For removing impacted fecal matter and improving nutrient absorption.

Probiotics – balancing gut flora

Dr. Ron’s Organ Delight – for strengthening every organ

Glutamine – for gut/mucosal layer healing and muscles

Chaga – For DNA support. Top 3 most important mushrooms for health

Reishi Immune boosting properties. Top 3 most important mushrooms for health

Maca – for sulfur, vitamins, sexual function, and general health (If you can afford it get black maca)

Moringa – for vitamins and minerals

Camu-Camu – antioxidant and Vit C

Colostrum  – This immune milk is so powerful that a calf will die if it does not receive it in the first 24 hours of it's life.


Shilajit – Himalayan Resin HIGHLY concentrated in minerals and fulvic acid – for energy

Royal Jelly – Only for the Queen Bee, how do you think they live so long

Pine Pollen – Restorative and longevity tonic. Great for increasing testosterone. Powder is best for women, tincture is best for men (higher androgen)


Marine Phytoplankton – Incredibly nutrient dense

Velvet Deer Antler – Legal and ridiculously strong. As close to taking steroids as possible while still being healthy and legal. Can make you hyper.

DIM – For reducing estrogen

Suma Root – for increasing T. In Portuguese they call this root “Para Todo” which means “For Everything.”

Chinese Herbs – Ginseng, Tribulus, ANT, Cordyceps, Tonic Alchemy, Awaken the Shen (my all time favorite Herbal formula for mental well-being)

For Calming: Most of my Jiu Jitsu and MMA buddies are absolutely fucking wired and have an inability to settle down (myself included). Below are some amazing supplements for recovering and relaxing after a hard days of training. Or for relaxing the day of a tournament because those hours before fighting are so crucial to sit, breathe, and not waste energy.

Magnesium Oil – better than an Epsom salt bath (Get the big one here)

Liposomal Gaba – GABA that actually crosses the blood-brain barrier

Theanine – for even keel

Lithium Orotate – for calming nervous system

Phenibut – Don’t take more than 2x a week, and don’t take before tournament.

Onnit New Mood – Great for deep sleep

Dragon Bone – (My all time favorite calming remedy)

Kava – This is the real shit from Hawaii and very powerful. Choose your style that best fits what you want and make at home.

Medical Grade CBD oil/ organic high-CBD cannabis – if you live in a cool state

Colon cleansing

(increasing digestive function, energy, well-being and decreasing toxicity)

Salt-water flush, colonics or enemas, laxative teas (1 a night) – Also start your day with some Bamboo Charcoal mixed into your water for absorbing the toxin dump from that night. If you absolutely must cut weight, and plan on not eating, take up to one bottle of Enterosgel a day in water every day that you are not eating. It will make the weight cut a BREEZE. Enterosgel is a completely safe binder that will bind to the toxins that you release as you fast. Also reducing headaches and detox symptoms during weight cut.

Other Tips

  • Avoiding sugar even natural sugars will make you a better athlete – but more importantly allow you to have better control of your mind for a tournament and for everyday life.
  • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and relax for 10 minutes after eating. In Chinese medicine they talk about drinking your food and eating your liquids. Chew your smoothies for optimum digestion.
  • Follow the most important rule of trophology (Chinese art of food combining) – Don’t mix a starch and a protein in the same meal. This is a digestive nightmare and yes the Italians are doing it all wrong with spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Don’t eat fruit after or with a meal. Fruit is digested very quickly by the body, and most melons actually skip the stomach and go straight to the small intestine. If you have a meal sitting in your stomach and then eat fruit, it literally sits on top of the meal and ferments and you receive zero nutritional benefit.
  • Being a fighter requires massive amounts of life force energy – Qi (chi) – and nothing drains this faster than masturbation/ejaculation for a male. It’s no mistake that they call a male orgasm “La Petit Mort” in French. This means “The little death.”  One of the saddest parts of humanity right now is that it has become the “norm” for a male to masturbate on a daily basis. In fact, when I tell most people that it isn’t healthy, they look at me like I am insane and that there isn’t a way out. I have firm beliefs that if male masturbation was reduced, the entire state of the world would change in drastic positive ways. Watch what happens to your Qi and your entire aura if you can hold in your Qi for weeks, and eventually months. Your entire vibe will change, and this will have profound impacts on your jiu-jitsu game. Aside from the way you feel, you will start to notice that people will start to look at you differently, almost with a curiosity as to what you are doing differently. If you are a woman, orgasm is extremely encouraged while getting closer to fight day as this will help your body remain in balance.
  • Good meditation track to catch your mind before a fight:

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p.s. I do use affiliate links, but only for companies and products I genuinely believe in. I never recommend a supplement unless I have taken it for several months and received positive benefit. Also, I only become an affiliate for companies that have the utmost integrity, clean & sustainable sourcing, and excellent quality control.