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I know a lot of folks in the health world who are taking awesome care of their health with supplements, foods, diets, exercise etc. but then they go ahead and bang everything that moves. I think having sex with multiple partners on a regular basis is something that is very counterproductive if you are on a detoxification journey. When we sleep with someone, we are swapping auras, swapping energies very deeply, and this should not be taken lightly. We are essentially taking on what that person is going through, how they live their life, and what lives inside their belly. When you start to get really in touch with your energy, you can feel differently after sleeping with someone who doesn't carry a clean energy. It does not feel good and takes weeks to cleanse. Now if you are sleeping with a promiscuous partner, then you are also sleeping with all of the people that they are sleeping with! Energetically this is a mess, especially if you are trying to detoxify noxious energies!

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Is Detox A Scam? Only For Hippies? New Age BS?

Is detoxification only for hippies? New Age bull shit? Pseudoscience?

The truth that I was forced to learned in three years of torture, suicidal depression and anxiety is that we are being absolutely inundated with chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. In the past 100 years alone, over 100,000 new chemicals have been introduced into the environment and our natural detox mechanisms have not had the chance to evolve.

Just look at your kitchen pantry, your bathroom, or your laundry room. Over 90% of substances that we use around the house, ingest orally or put directly on our skin are loaded with chemicals. Most of this stuff is just 100% pure chemicals! This is leading to human suffering on a massive scale. These toxins, compounded over time in the organs and glands, have a way of creating biochemical havoc, preventing us from connecting to the divine, and acting as an anchor towards low vibrational frequencies. I spent three years fighting against this biochemical gradient, and I must tell you, it’s an impossible fight without detoxification as an ally.

Did you know that we are injected with mercury and aluminum (some of the most toxic substances on the planet) at an extremely young age in the form of vaccinations? Or that most of the animal products people eat are just the depressed result of an animal caged for their entire lives, tortured, and given genetically modified feed? Did you know that cancer is a $120+ billion industry and we use toxic chemicals like chemotherapy and radiation to kill it.

Or that we load our municipal drinking water with fluoride, a known neurotoxin and aluminum manufacturing byproduct! I can go on and on about what’s going on in this world, but if you follow the money, you can find that almost everything we are taught is so beyond ass-backwards it is virtually a cosmic joke.

People in our culture take care of their ferraris with the utmost care. Thousands of dollars of maintenance go into these exotic cars. But we don't spend money on our health? We don't maintain our bodies which are our most important vehicle in this lifetime?

We can be suicidal in paradise or blissed out in prison. Why? Because our thoughts, biological harmony and body is the most important thing that dictates our well-being, not external things. I believe science will catch up to the truth about detoxification 20-30 years from now. Until then, I will keep on detoxing and transforming my mind and body 🙂


How To Recover From Ejaculation

Hi Folks. Today in detox class we are going to be talking about EJACULATION!

For most spiritually aware, conscious, and present men, ejaculation will be a big deal. The few days following ejaculation one can experience fatigue, lethargy, and just the lack of zest for life. Some dudes will say that they can ejaculate every day and be “totally fine” but in my experience these men are just not in tune with themselves. I have never met a spiritually in-tune male that doesn't experience a drop in spiritual and/or physical energy the day after ejaculation.

Anyway, ejaculation is a a huge deal. It leads to a loss in minerals, loss in life force (qi) and in French they even call it a petit mort! Which means little death.

This is our seed, our life seed that we create new life with. So when we lose it we tend to be more relaxed, less gung ho about our goals, and just less of an animal.

If you want to read more about why excessive ejaculation is detrimental to our health, make sure you read this post here. 


I have found some cool recipes that help replenish the jing, qi, and life force to all those who need it. Watch this video below to get this kick-ass, nutrient dense, superfood pudding that will revitalize you the day after ejaculation.


4-8 Egg Yolks

20 drops trace mineral drops

10 tbsp Bragg Olive Oil

2 dropperfuls of Herb Pharm Male Vitality 

2 scoops Vital proteins Collagen 

2-4 oz Coconut Milk

2 tbsp Hemp Seeds 

1/2 avocado

Dragon Herbs Sweetfruit Drops

Bonus items: (Best Outside Smoothie)

Ho She Wou




Hey guys,

In my five years of working on my health intensely, I have discovered some of the most bad-ass ways of detoxing your liver and gallbladder. Detoxing the liver is of crucial importance because it is a filter in our bodies that cleans the blood, and filters out toxins from entering our system. Most people's livers, kidneys, and gallbladders are pretty wrecked from the toxins, chemicals, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, and stress.

The best liver cleanses that I have found are:
Milk Thistle Pills
Milk Thistle Seed Oil
^(These are good for long term marathon detox. Not necessarily as quick cleanses, but they are great for protecting and gently detoxifying the liver over time.
Livatrex instructions

Why we should cleanse our liver?
1. to lose weight – the liver is instrumental in the breakdown of fat\
2. eliminate liver stones – Think you don't have them? Think again…
3. To detox the body
4. Increase your energy levels
5. Look and feel younger.


Schizophrenic vs. Shaman (Context is King)

I'm going to  give you the key to a happy healthy life.

It's not what you think.

In fact it's rather contradictory to common belief. You see, in Western culture especially, the conception is  money and material makes the man. Success is measured by the number of zeros in a bank account, or the amount of cars parked in a garage.

Now, although these things may bring temporary feelings of aliveness, the potency of those feelings dwindles over time. And this isn’t any new news to you.

Status symbols may stroke the ego enough such that we think were happy.. But if these external symbols don't reflect who you are internally, then happiness can begin to dissipate.

The key to happiness. The paramount factor in living a fulfilling life doesn't require an excessive amount of dollars or “things”. It doesn't even require a certain degree of status (although both these things might help in being a vehicle for such).

It simply requires context.

The context by which the world occurs to you frames your relationship to the world.

Let's look at a Shaman vs a Schizophrenic for example..

What might be considered mental illness in one culture, has a completely different occurrence to another culture. In the western world, a Schizophrenic is perceived as an individual that needs treatment. In other cultures the exact same symptoms would istead define the characteristics of a spiritual and ceremonial leader with a divine connection to the spirit world.

In other words…

It's all contextual.

And context is shaped by occurence.

And occurrence shapes the context by which you relate to the world.

So how does this fit into living a happy healthy life?

It's simple.. And it comes down to awareness and choice.

By having awareness in how the world occurs to you. You can have powerful choice in framing the context by which you relate to the world. That my friends, is a powerful way to live.

Truest Words on Sickness You Will Ever Hear

Quick paradigm shift.


We don’t actually have illness. Illness has us.


Now that might seem a little confusing but stick with me. Let's look at Depression for example.


Depression is a very common illness and likely something you've experienced for yourself. Now here's the krux; to say that you have depression is to associate yourself with feelings of being depressed and thus cultivating an identity around that illness.


Now I’m by no means saying that bodily sensations of sadness, loneliness, and anxiety aren't a thing. What I’m saying is that without us there to label these sensations as we do, then “depression” wouldn't actually exist.


And that's what I mean by “illness has us”. It has us to label it, to associate ourselves with it, and to cultivate an identity around it.


By labeling something as a thing that you have you’re already fueling the fire. It's living in the world of “ I have this disease and I can't do this, this, or this”.  


And the common solution is “Well because I have this illness, I must take this pill, in order to get back to my normal self”.


An attempt to reverse engineer an illness is playing a small game.  


These kinds of things must be looked at as a grander tapestry, and approached as such.


Rather then “I’m sad, I have depression” try –


“Im sad, okay cool, this is my thing, this is the feeling that arises when ‘such and such’ happens to me. Okay, here it is again”.


Look at the grander picture; like an eagle soaring above the problem and identifying all influencing factors.


That my friends is playing a big fvckin’ game.


Because if illness does not have us to identify ourselves with it, then it has a far less powerful grip on us to begin with.

Natures Adderall

This one thing is sucking the life out of you, your time, AND your bank account.

Can you remember the last time you were fully focused on what you were doing?

I mean seriously present…

Like a Hawk zeroing in on a prairie mouse.

Chances are it's been a while.  

And in today's day in age that's not at all uncommon.

In fact…

It’s apart of the masses.

We live in a stimulated world

Flashy colors and fake news come at us at all angles.

Technological dependence is the highest it's ever been.

The world is like a vacuum of mental clarity and it's just getting worse.

Look at Chronic conditions like ADD/ADHD.

The rate of clinical diagnosis are increasing by 5% per year.

That's a substantial number!

Imagine if fast food restaurants were increasing the size of their 25 cent soft drink by 5% per year…

We’d have kids with diabetes running around rampant!

Oh wait…

That’s besides the point.

The point is that with an increase in stimulation there is a decrease in focus.

And more often than not we compensate for that lack of focus with artificial sources of energy.

Artificial stimulants that make us feel like an animal at the top of the productivity food chain.

For many it's caffeine..

For others it's something more intense like Adderall.

Which if you don't know what that is, essentially its legal meth prescribed to over 140 million people worldwide.

But here's the thing about drowning oneself in artificial stimulants.


Its depleting.

It's like a Succubus of mental energy in the long run.

Sucking the life out of you, your time, and certainly your bank account.

So what is the solution and Is there a way to maintain hours upon hours of energy and clear mental focus?

Fortunately The Detox Dudes have put together a list of all natural remedies to help you become unstoppable in your productivity.