How To Be An Alpha Male

I used to think that a warrior was a tough guy, machismo, fighter-type. I used to think that a warrior was somebody who always had a chip on his shoulder and was ready to fight at any moment.

After many years on the journey I realized that the real warrior (male or female) is a completely different archetype. It is time for a new era to emerge. A new type of warrior to emerge. The spiritual warrior is here for the good of the planet and the good of humanity. He is soft, supple, and compassionate but at the same time knows when to bring his intensity to the world. He cares the people around him and lives a life full of integrity.

Sometimes the “toughest” alpha males are the ones who don't speak much because their actions and aura speak louder.

How to Not Take Things Personally – Warning Not For Wimps! 👊

Ladies and gentlemen. Do you feel like you are constantly climbing uphill during the day because you are always taking things personally. Do you feel like you want to sometimes just not speak to people because of how much they change your attitude about yourself and your life? Does it feel like other people are ruining your day? We must recognize when something is someone else's shit, someone else's baggage, and it's important for us to cultivate a practice around NOT picking it up.

Our objective here on this planet is not to be the nicest person around, it is to become whole again, to become sovereign, and to truly feel what it feels like to be YOU. In order to accomplish this, we cannot always be nice, and we cannot always please others. Stand up for yourself, and recognize when it is someone else's pain coming your way. And don't eat it.