The benefits of cold showers are massive. First of all they give the body some positive stress. Right now, as a collective, we are way too comfortable (food, temperature, essentials) and this is not exercising our positive stress mechanisms. We have tons of negative stress, but not enough positive stress.

When you flood the body with cold water, the lymphatic system and capillaries constrict, and they get a workout. This makes them stronger and allows them to dump toxins and more effectively circulate blood. Also, cold water balances the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid etc), and reduces inflammation.

The craziest thing is that when I take a hot shower, I feel cold afterwards, but when I take a cold shower, I feel warm for the rest of the day. Cold showers/cold water therapy forces you to learn how to create inner heat.

One of the biggest benefits I have found from cold water therapy is that it stimulates the production of testosterone. I have definitely felt an increase in T since starting cold showers a year ago. Cold showers also really help you penetrate fear and train yourself to have delayed gratification.

Overall, cold showers are a bad-ass way of stimulating and improving the bodies natural healing mechanisms!

How To Kill Parasites Naturally (Rectal Suppositories)

In this video, I share with you in my opinion the best way to detox parasites naturally. With our current levels of malnutrition and gut degradation, it is virtually impossible to make a health transformation using our mouths alone. We must feed ourselves through our asses as well. Supplements and nutrients inserted rectally have the benefit of crossing the blood brain barrier almost instantly, and bypassing the process of digestion.
1. Cacao butter ( or coconut oil (
2. Ice Tray –
3. Melt the oil on lowest setting on stove in a glass jar.
4. Insert ingredients directly into the ice tray.

Parasite Slayer Recipe: The Parasite Slayer: BioPure ten-in-one (, High quality (Healing Solutions, DoTerra, YoungLiving, MRH) oils of turmeric, oregano, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, wormwood, ginger, garlic, helichrysum, thyme, vetiver, and onion.  Artemisinin ( , Essential oil of clove(, manuka( and Neem powder( for eggs. Olive Leaf Extract(, Berberine( , Black Walnut, Pau d`Arco( and citrus seed extract( for even more bad-ass killing power.

For More Suppository Recipes go to:

Fasting Benefits | Spirituality of Fasting | Dangers of Fasting

In this video I share with you my insights on water and juice fasting. In my journey, I have done many fasts. The longest water fast I did was 6 days and the longest juice fast I have done was 12 days. Fasting is a beautiful & ancient modality for healing and the concept is that when you don't eat the body enters a mode called autolysis. The intelligent doctor of the human body kicks in and the body cannibalize all of the stuff that doesn't serve it.

In my opinion, collective illness has swung so far on the other end of the pendulum, that I no longer believe fasting is a sustainable healing method. This is because while we are fasting we are not taking in enough minerals and also stripping the body of minerals and nutrients as we remove toxins. Toxins never come out alone, they generally come out with some sort of nutrients as well.

However, fasting is beautiful because it does connect us to the divine. The theory is that when we stop eating, our body turns off all non-essential processes like the monkey mind. Thus when the monkey mind is quieted we can deeper connect to the divine. So this is an amazing way of making progress spiritually.

⚠️ Turpentine And Castor Oil: Version 2.0 – ON STEROIDS ⚠️

When one is exposed to toxins, the body becomes an ideal breeding ground for parasites. So an important stage in heavy metal detoxification is killing off these opportunistic organisms living in your gut and feed off of your life force.

One of the many ways you can do this is by taking turpentine and castor oil. I filmed a video several months ago on this subject and I encourage you to check it out after watching this video. You can check it out here.

I decided to film a 2nd video after figuring out some new tricks. Here, I go into detail about protocol and about the best ways to reduce herxheimer reactions.  Remember, if you can reduce toxicity, get rid of parasites, and replenish the nutrients in your body, you will able to be the person you need to be on this planet.

Turpentine oil comes from distilled resin from pine trees. A solvent and main source of materials for organic synthesis, it is commonly used in the production of insecticides, resins, camphor, and synthetic pine oil. But for decades, turpentine oil has also been a common home remedy for stomach ailments, infections, and inflammations. It is antiseptic, diuretic, and well known for its healing properties when it comes to intestinal parasites such as candida and tapeworm.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels is one of the biggest advocates in using turpentine oil as a healing modality. She recommends orally taking a mixture of turpentine oil with fine white sugar or sugar cubes. According to her, the sugar lures the parasites out while the turpentine oil kills them off. Her method has been tried and tested by many.

Personally, mixing turpentine oil with castor oil worked best for me. Castor oil is used in manufacturing paints, soaps, inks, nylon, textiles, and lubricants, to name a few. But it is also powerful natural remedy that has been used for generations. The oil comes from cold pressing seeds from the castor plant. It has amazing anti-inflammatory, blood circulation, digestive, skin healing, and many other therapeutic properties. Moreover, castor oil is also a laxative, which is always great when you are trying to flush parasites out of your system.

Guidelines in Taking Turpentine & Castor Oil

– To ensure effectiveness, only use the highest quality of organic turpentine and castor oil. I personally recommend Diamond G 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine.

– Take a teaspoon of turpentine oil and a heaping tablespoon of castor oil ideally on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I generally do not suggest doing any parasite protocols at night because it may disrupt your sleeping pattern

– Ornithine and Enterosgel 40-60 minutes after parasite dose.

– For this cleansing method, ideally, take the said dose for five days and then take two days off. Do this for several weeks followed by a maintenance period of only doing it once a week.

– Take things slow. Taking these oils could either make you feel like a disaster or make you feel better instantly. Devote a day to it and observe the results.

– Parasites live in the intestinal tract. Boost the effectiveness of ingesting castor oil by putting it in capsules and freezing it. The frozen encapsulated oil will pass through your stomach and small intestine before it starts dissolving. This also makes the otherwise unpleasant taste more tolerable.

– While these are natural oils, you may experience discomfort or side effects depending on your current condition. For example, castor oil should not be taken by pregnant women as it may induce labor. Seek the advice of your physician or otherwise qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition before undertaking any diet, exercise, supplement, health program, or other procedures.

Castor Oil

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✈️ How to Deal With a Toxic Flight? 

✈️ How to Deal With a Toxic Flight?  ☢️☣️

A flight is probably one of the most toxic situations we can find ourselves in. Recirculation of polluted air. The electromagnetic field (EMF) storm all happening in an enclosed metal box – almost like a giant microwave. The actually microwaved “Asian Chicken” and vegetables being served is loaded with pesticides, insecticides, and hormones. We are sitting down compressing our organs, and all this while dehydrated from the altitude.

Jet lag is much less a function of a time zone shift, and moreso because of the toxic overload we endure along the way.

If this was six month ago, I would have tried to impress you with my knowledge on how to prepare for a flight and minimize jet-lag. Taking things like iodine, fulvic acid, & rosemary to deal with the radiation and EMF. Negatively charged binders like chlorella, kelp, and coconut charcoal to bind to the airborne toxins. Immune boosting herbs like goldenseal, echinacea, and Reishi.

Let’s go deeper.

Want to know the biggest toxin of all?

The stress and fear associated with our minds ruminating on all of the toxins.

On this journey of cleansing the body & spirit, we must accept facts, but drop the fear. The truth is harsh, the truth is painful, the truth is stressful. We must not be ignorant of the harsh reality, but we also must not bring our neuroses and fear into the game of healing. The truth will set us free, but only if we can drop the fear.

Where our consciousness rests is the most important foundation of healing. Do we focus on the toxins? Whatever we focus on grows.

Rest on our breath. Rest on the power of the human spirit. These toxins or any global agenda for domination and control has absolutely no chance against the power of the human spirit.

Rest on the fact that mother Earth knows exactly what she is doing. That all the chaos that is happening is still part of some grand tapestry that the divine is well aware of.

Today I fly with no supplements. Just water, my breath, and an apple. We don’t detox for the sake of detox. We detox so that we can hand the baton to spirit.

Ttyl, I got a massive headache from this jetlag… 

How To Heal & Soothe Leaky Gut (Powerful Supplements and Foods)

Before you start a heavy metal (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, aluminum, etc.) detox, you must make sure that your gut is healed. If you don't, it's very possible that your health could get a whole lot worse. In fact, if your gut is not given the attention it deserves, you can actually redistribute metals throughout your body… mainly because they're being reabsorbed by the gut, and circulated throughout your bloodstream. Heal the gut before diving deeper with detox!

Some great supplements for gut healing are:
Colostrum –
Slippery Elm –
Aloe Vera –
Licorice Root –
Acacia –

And don't forget purple cabbage juice! 🙂

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School of Life

One message that I preach on my website is that a school of life is an incredible form of education. I am not a doctor but I do feel as though I have been through the “Harvard” school of life.

According to the modern paradigm, I am not fit to help individuals with healing. I don’t have “credentials” for it. From a deeper standpoint, it’s hard for me to understand how I am not suitable to help people. I had a completely broken brain and broken body and I have put the pieces back together.

How could somebody who hasn’t been through hell relate to somebody who is in hell? Of course they can have sympathy and compassion, but how can they have true empathy? When I talk to somebody who has a broken brain, I know exactly what hoops they are jumping through and what mental gymnastics is taking place. To them, my understanding of their torment is my greatest gift of all.

Did you know much of the early LSD research revolved around the “model psychosis” approach? Where researchers would take LSD in order to better relate to a psychotic episode. If our modern day psychotherapist, behavioral therapist, or psychiatrist who works with schizophrenics could take one hit of acid, or have one magic mushroom experience, these fields would evolve centuries overnight. I have a friend who is a behavioral therapist who has experienced extreme states of consciousness through hallucinogens and he is essentially a “schizophrenic-whisperer”, being one of the few in his office who can deeply relate to these individuals.

I view my journey as a message from God, from the divine, or from the universe. Kind of like a “Hey dude we are going to put you through the most grueling health journey imaginable, and if you get through it, you have no choice but to help other people.”

How else can the Earth heal itself? The people in the darkness are completely lost if they don’t have a guide. It’s hard for these people to relate to somebody who hasn’t been through the shit, it’s just a fact.

It’s a nice ego-boost to get a letter like this. There are several doctors who have purchased my video coaching program or reached out to learn more, and I just view it as a message that I am on the right path.

The days of a medical degree entitling one to their ivory tower are over. Doctors are still bad-ass, and I hope to go to naturopathic school one day, but a new era has arisen.

Your school of life is presenting itself in front of you on a daily basis. It’s not found here on Facebook. It’s not found on Instagram.

Quiet the mind. Feel your emotions. Cry the pain of the little child inside. Only then will you be given your destiny.

How to Handle Stress and Anxiety Like a BOSS

Hello my friends. Have you ever noticed that as soon as a situation get's stressful, our natural pathway takes us right to our minds? We try and think, reason, or “grind” our way through the problem, but ultimately this is for null. The best way to handle a stressful situation or problem is simply to breathe. When I was drinking ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle, I learned this lesson the hard way, because the medicine took me to the darkest corners of the world unless I was focused on my breath every second.

If you think about it, the universe or god gave us the ability to go months without food, weeks without water, but we can only go a few minutes without air. This may be a sign that this is the most important nutrient we need.

The next time you are in a stressful for anxious situation just:

Breathe. Here. Now.

What is the Optimal Diet For Weight Loss, Detoxification & More Energy?

Ya'll wanted to know what I eat in a day. So here it is. After drinking 30-50oz of natural spring water with lemon, I then have my Bulletproof tea. The bulletproof tea consists of:

Dragon Herbs Longevity Tea, 2 tbsp Coconut Oil , 1 scoop Garden of Life Plant Protein, 1 tbsp Grass Fed Butter – Kerrygold , 1 tbsp Ghee, 1/2 tbsp Manuka honey

The next “smoothie” has: 2 tbsp Hemp protein –  8 tbsp Olive oil –  Hi Maize – don't think I will be using this anymore 2 tbsp carob powder –  Dragon Herbs sweetfruit drops – iherb/

Then I make my own salad with kale, spinach, baby broccoli, sauerkraut, avocado, daikon radish noodles, and four soft poached eggs. Sometimes I use sardines instead. I really like these sardines. 

Enjoy the video!

Avoid This One Thing if You Have Chronic Fatigue, Depression, or Lyme

Struggling with digestive issues? Chronic fatigue? Depression? Low energy? One of the most important tips for optimal health is simply chewing one's food thoroughly. Because of social pressure and the constant hum of anxiety, most of us are forcing food down our throats and our meals are primarily a social gathering.

If you saw the difference in your digestion from simply chewing your food more thoroughly, you would make it a life priority. I believe that it is very hard to make progress in chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue, depression, lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity if we are not chewing our food thoroughly. The Chinese medicine men used to say to chew your liquid and drink your solids. This means to make everything “yours” before you swallow it. Coating it with your particular digestive enzymes in your saliva makes your body much more easily digest the food.

Also, when the food is pureed, your digestive system has a much easier time with it. Digestion starts in the mouth! Chew yo food!