Help Wanted

I am currently looking for a part time unpaid helper. The ideal candidate would:

  • Live in the Bay Area (or be willing to relocate here) – please read until the end if interested in helping but don’t live in the Bay Area
  • Have some exposure with film and video editing. If a beginner, then an interest in advancing ones skills would be a must.
  • Be interested in health, detoxification, and spirituality (obviously)
  • Be enjoyable to hang out around
  • Have exposure with website design
  • Graphic design exposure

Not all of these qualifications need to be met, so don’t hesitate to send me an email if you are interested. It’s not so much the current skill-set as much as the desire to learn skills that is important.

Things that I am looking for help with:

  1. Video filming. I am looking for somebody to come around with me a few days a week and film me during my days. I am also looking for help filming a new project I am working on.
  2. Video editing. I am currently learning video editing and enjoying it, but somebody who can do this is a huge plus.
  3. Website/Clickfunnels/Wordpress help. I am doing a website revamp soon and a huge bonus would be somebody who understands this.

What you get in exchange for your help?

Absolutely no money


I have spent five years studying health, spirituality, and detoxification. I will funnel all my secrets to you as we drive around the bay area. 1 on 1 in person life changing health coaching.  I can teach you the limited knowledge I have on business 🙂 I can teach you how to kill people with your bare hands (BJJ). I can teach you how to escape the matrix. You get to come to detox dudes retreats for free. You get all detox dudes courses for free. You can come onto my YouTube channel. I'll buy you awesome food and supplements. If I really like you, you can crash at my place and I can introduce you to my awesome network too.

Please send an email to with subject line  “Helper” if you are interested. Also, if you don’t live in the bay area, and want to help with this movement, please send me an email as well. I can always use a hand.