How To Have Conscious Sex | Spiritual Sex 🍆🍑

I know a lot of folks in the health world who are taking awesome care of their health with supplements, foods, diets, exercise etc. but then they go ahead and bang everything that moves. I think having sex with multiple partners on a regular basis is something that is very counterproductive if you are on a detoxification journey. When we sleep with someone, we are swapping auras, swapping energies very deeply, and this should not be taken lightly. We are essentially taking on what that person is going through, how they live their life, and what lives inside their belly. When you start to get really in touch with your energy, you can feel differently after sleeping with someone who doesn't carry a clean energy. It does not feel good and takes weeks to cleanse. Now if you are sleeping with a promiscuous partner, then you are also sleeping with all of the people that they are sleeping with! Energetically this is a mess, especially if you are trying to detoxify noxious energies!

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