Josh Macin – Infinite Man Summit Preview

Here's a short preview of my talk given at Infinite Man Summit. I tell my story of 3 years of battling crippling depression, anxiety, and being suicidal every day. I healed myself without western medicine, and I learned a lot of incredible truths about healing along the way.

Happy New Years 2017 From Oregon

Happy New Years! Only 9 or so months ago I felt like I was dying every day. I was able to heal myself because of my spiritual practice, detox, discipline, and will to live. I want to share with you what it's like on the other side of getting clean, and how you can start cleaning your vessel that is your human body.

You Are Not Alone

For the last 3 years I had crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression. No treatment and no one in the western medical system could help me. There is no such thing as mental illness. You are not doomed to whatever labels that the broken system has given you. There is a purpose to whatever it is your dealing with, you can get through whatever challenge is thrown your way. I've dealt with every symptom in the book and been able to cure it through detox. If you are struggling, know that you are not alone

Drowning in Quicksilver: How Mercury Poisoning Almost Took My Life

Mercury poisoning almost took my life! My name is Josh Macin, and this is my story.

World War III is the war on consciousness. We are being lied to and manipulated into living the lives of slaves. The human experience is infinitely more complex and joyful than we are taught. It is not possible to experience an open heart and a clear mind when your vessel of consciousness is loaded with junk. Detoxification of heavy metals, estrogens, plastics, and parasites is essential for inner peace.

I am talking to each and every one of you. Yes you; with your mediocre life and a mediocre job. You always felt that you were destined for greatness. But now, you drink coffee during the week to get by the monotonous work day, and drink alcohol on the weekends to forget it all. You have accepted the lie that dreams are for children. Yes you; who lives a peaceful life but always felt that there is more. Yes you; who in the depths of despair have tried everything in your power to heal and your only wish is that the anguish would end already. Every time you are on a bridge, or the roof of a building, you think about how easy it would be to end it all. Yes you; with your fancy car, expensive watches, and big house who still doesn’t feel comfortable inside your own skin. And yes you; the beautiful, boundless, gentle, and traumatized soul buried deep inside the walls of hurt and pain. It is not your fault. There is more. You are Beautiful. You are Powerful. You are God. You are Light.


Josh Macin of The Detox Dudes

My crazy spiritual journey. Depression, anxiety, panic, ayahuasca, iboga, ketamine.

This is my crazy spiritual journey with ayahuasca, iboga, and ketamine and other medicines, all in an effort to heal my depression and anxiety. Don't believe everything they tell you about mental illness. There is more going on in this world.

I shot this when I was in the peak of my sickness, as a video to tell my story and so they'd have something to remember me by if I didn't make it.

Update! Since posting this, I'm in excellent health!!! It's chilling to think back on my original intentions of making this video. I wanted something out there in case I passed into the next world.

Your Bank Account Is Empty Because You Are Pulling Your Pud


Porn and Masturbation ladies and gentlemen. (mostly gentlemen) Even the words are enough to make us cringe.

But let’s face it. Alone in our bedrooms and bathrooms, with nobody but the world tuning in on our hacked webcams, we watch actors go at it, and vigorously stroke our sexual organs until some primal goo comes out.

Do we question it? Do we ever try not to do it? Or has it just become an ordinary and accepted part of life.

The truth is that minimizing ejaculation and removing porn from one’s life will lead to epic levels of health, clarity, productivity, and courage. I watched myself completely change from a boy to a man. Minimizing ejaculation and removing porn was my rite of passage. The self-help and pickup artist communities would get cut in half overnight if everybody learned about this.

It has been my secret ally through the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan American and World Championships,


through deep in the Amazon Jungles working with the hallucinogen ayahuasca,



through four years of an intense spiritual journey, and through helping thousands around the world recover from chronic and mental illness.



But I am not going to lie to you. My initial reasons of starting this journey were to get laid. Back in the day, when I was really socially awkward, and masturbated with ferocious intent, I started researching masculinity. I came across the philosophy that excessive ejaculation prevents success with women. It made intuitive sense, and I stood on the roof of my building and vowed “I will not masturbate until a woman masturbates me!”  And a few weeks later, it happened!

Here’s why masturbation and porn is ruining your life:


Cosmic Pat On the Back: Our genetic and biological mission here as human beings is to survive and replicate. When we release our DNA into a tissue, we are basically saying to ourselves “Good job today buddy. You did it! Congratulations! Now go rest because you did what you had to do today. You don’t need to better yourself today, or go after what you want, because you did it!”

Do you know that in Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich (one of the most important self-help books ever written) he has a whole chapter devoted to sexual transmutation?

In the book he noted that all men of genius used their sexual energy as fuel for their creativity. He stated that every single extremely successful person that he knew of was highly sexual by nature, but redirected the energy for their work. Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla just to name a few.

It seems that many artists and athletes have also been aware of this trick. In his autobiography, Charlie Chaplin wrote ‘Like Balzac, who believed that a night of sex meant the loss of a good page of his novel, so I believed that it meant the loss of a good days work at the studio.’

Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray routinely practiced abstinence from ejaculation before fights. As well as countless other fighters, boxers, and UFC champs.

Tip: Redirect your sexual energy and make love to your mission instead.


Qi (chi) & Prana: When most people hear these words, they scream “new age bullshit” but stay with me here. What we are as human beings is energy floating through time and space. I don’t think any scientist can debate that. And for thousands of years, ancient medicinal practices have stated that our sexual energy is the most powerful source of energy we have as human beings.

So by constantly releasing and wasting this energy, we are bleeding our vital life force. The French even refer to ejaculation as ‘petit mort’ or ‘little death.’

Don’t like all this new-age talk? Okay how about this. Semen is only 1% sperm. The rest is composed of over 200 separate proteins, vitamins, and minerals. So when we ejaculate we are also dumping a mineral load.

Into boosting your testosterone? Here is a study that shows that 3-week abstinence from ejaculation increases testosterone in men.


Hijacked: Pornography is hijacking your dopamine, hijacking your brain, and even hijacking your will power. Porn is completely fake. Hollywood fake. What you don’t see behind the scenes is all the viagra, second takes, fake orgasms, and traumatized women trying to pay rent.

But instead of just innocently watching a Netflix film, we are intertwining our sexuality with these movies. Porn takes us up into the mind. Into fantasy, obsessions, and fetishes. So much so that even teenage boys are having erectile dysfunction because girls aren’t behaving in bed the way they are used to in the pornos.

What happened to passionate connection? Intense lovemaking? Where has our depth gone?

I view pornography like gambling. Back when I used to play a ton of poker, every single other aspect of life became super boring. The only thing that could keep me entertained was playing poker and gambling for thousands of dollars. The problem is, that even if I was making money, I was still ultimately losing, because life became meaningless.

Porn is similar. If we need all the stunts and actors to stimulate us, then when it comes down to the real thing, we will be bored to death (and limp). This is not a sustainable model.

In another one of Napoleon Hill’s books, Outwitting the Devil, he talks about what resisting ejaculation can accomplish:

  • It helps to master laziness and procrastination.
  • It gives one physical and mental endurance while undergoing any form of opposition or defeat.
  • It gives one the fighting qualities necessary under all circumstance for self-defense.
  • In brief, it makes winners and not quitters.

In my life experience, and my clients experience, I can 100% attest to this. Reducing your ejaculation can lead to more happiness, energy, clarity. Oh and also more women if that’s one of your goals.

The goal here is not to avoid ejaculation entirely. In my experience, and according to many ancient scripts, that makes us crazy. It is about limiting ejaculation though. The average rule here that I tell my clients is to ejaculate 1x every two weeks. With reducing the frequency as one gets into their 40’s and 50’s, in the winter months, and if one is chronically ill.

What about sex? You can still have sex, just please her then stop. This will require slow, passionate, mindful sex. Then you’ll have to go for a run and do some pushups. This whole thing requires discipline, but you’ll create an empire in the process.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself, know for yourself.



Check out the video below for more info on cold-water therapy.

Cold therapy is not a new invention; it is among man’s earliest medical treatments. The Edwin Smith Papyrus (3500 BC), the most ancient medical text, repeatedly mentioned cold therapy

Cold therapy Stimulates activity of BAT (brown adipose tissue) or Brown Fat. It Fights inflammation and Increases lifespan (as per studies done on fish, flies, and mice)

Increased longevity via cold-exposure could be due to hormesis. Hormesis is a concept that animals get stronger and more efficient if they are exposed to environmental stresses.

Cold temperatures act like a mild workout for the nervous system, which adapts and strengthens it. we are too comfortable and not exercising our positive stress response. It also improves lymphatic circulation, stimulates blood flow and improves cardiovascular circulation, balances endocrine system, reduces muscle inflammation. It really activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

It really helps you penetrate fear and train yourself to have delayed gratification. After a hot shower I am cold, after a cold shower I am warm.

Wim Hof (“the ice man”) has been instrumental in showing the world that, through specific training techniques using cold exposure and breathwork, a person is able to control their autonomic nervous system. Before this research was done on Wim, the autonomic nervous system was largely thought to be beyond conscious control.

It also Enhances detox pathways and Strengthens Immune System.