Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

My friends. We have to love ourselves like our life depends on it. On this difficult journey of life, we must become our best friends for maximal peace and healing. It is important we don't treat ourselves the way that the world is treating us.

We have to establish self-love on the inside, and then the rest of the world acts in accordance with that relationship one has with self. We act as these little antennas, receiving exactly where it is that we are vibrating at, where it is that our consciousness resides.We must forge a relationship with ourselves from a place of integrity, compassion, love, and honesty.

How is it that we can become our best friends? First we must understand that the feeling of love is not available to everybody. It is a frequency and some people are too sick to even feel it. But after enough days of ingraining this new habit, some frequency comes in, becomes available for us.

Even in the sadness, I have unconditional love for myself. The unconditional love comes in as a soothing medicine for the wounded parts of myself.

Remember that most of us are actually doing the best we can. And the machismo attitude of “sleep when your dead” or “5am club” will never heal our wounds. Maybe it can make us less lazy and make more money, but in my experience it makes us more exhausted.

Self-love also entails having boundaries and recognizing ones sovereignty. It is our job and our birthright and our mission to unravel the bull shit and to become free again. To become love again. To become whole again. And you can;'t do that when you live life for other people. Self-love is to live life for YOU again.

Thanks to Kamal Ravikant for this amazing book: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It


How To Love Yourself (Try This Simple 5-Minute Technique)

We all overthink certain aspects of our lives. This unhealthy habit of overanalyzing the past or obsessing over the future often brings you to a negative state of mind that does nothing to drive your forward. The demanding society we live in makes it even easier to fall into the unproductive trap of overthinking. When you let your thoughts or the stories you tell yourself lead to anxiety, you are unable to assess and respond to situations in a calm and reasonable manner.

An incredible amount of scenarios that I’ve created in my brain about the future or the thoughts that I've had in the past were either false or waste. The constant chatter in my mind did nothing to help me accomplish my goals, contribute to my business, or make me feel secure in my decisions. So I started becoming more and more conscious of my what goes on in my head. Instead of entertaining all the random thoughts that are not serving me, I thought about love. Every time I catch myself worrying or over thinking, I would say ‘I love you’ to myself and mean it.

“I love you, Josh. I love you, Josh. I love you, Josh.”

When I go down a negative thought pattern like thinking about all the things that could go wrong if don’t get a certain task done, I return to this practice of telling myself I love you. Then the dread, worry, and stress disappear.

I encourage you to do the same. This practice, as simple as it is, will allow you to cultivate self-love and develop a kind, loving relationship with yourself.

Love can nurture your mind, body and spirit like no other. When you feel that warmth in your body, you are able to make good decisions. You allow yourself to be mindful of the present. You open yourself up to healing, to building stronger relationships and achieving your optimal self. Love is the GRAND PRIZE in this journey to recovery and holistic wellness.

So start it with yourself.

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