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 Testimonials: In this journey of health coaching, I have been seeing some truly remarkable results. I am helping people transform their lives and talking people down from the ledges of buildings. It is without question the most rewarding type of work I could have ever imagined. Helping others is helping me heal my own traumatized heart as I am so clearly seeing how my three years of torture was for the greater good of humanity. You can also find more reviews on the Facebook Page.


“I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done and are doing for me. You are helping me channel into something so immensely beautiful I currently do not understand it. Sorry to ramble, I'm sure you don't take poorly to it. It is just crazy because this has never happened to me. I never knew what pure love was. The is real for the first time I believe I am going to be ok. I understand I am currently on a spiritual high and all good things can come to an end, though just being able to experience this for the hours I already have is enough hope to last a lifetime. Josh, thank you man. I do not have words to express my gratitude. You are saving my life and allowing me to get in touch with myself. I am finally reaching an existence that is so phenomenally beautiful I have no words to express it. Thank you for everything you are doing, not just for me but for this whole planet, as your healing is surely contagious.” – Andrew R (Palm Beach, FL)

“This dude among a very few others I know of are presenting the most transformational detox known to this planet. It works in such a profound way in a short time you will realize that all most of the healthy stuff you did, from foods to various forms of therapy wasn't really working in a lasting way. This works. I'm doing it myself. It's changing and healing me on so many levels I have cried of joy many times. My ability to let the fuck go and have a free mind is dramatically changed. My health too, no more grumpy mornings or bad sleep. I'm in my best health ever after 4 months doing this. I wake up every morning feeling thankful and truly happy. I'm a better mother too. I have tried many different diets, therapies and philosophies throughout the years. With the hand on my heart nothing has been more powerful than this. Cheers to amazing health and a loving mind!” – Silvia Di Nicola (Palo Alto, California)

“I am more than happy to write this for Josh. It is the least I can do. I am so grateful for having stumbled across The Detox Dudes. I have been feeling tired and extremely anxious for such a long time now. Despite having done a lot of research myself and consulting numerous doctors I still felt stressed out all the time for no reason. Since starting Josh's coaching I have discovered I have leaky gut, hypothyroidism and pyroluria!! The reason I have been feeling so crazy all these years. 3 months on the programme and I don't have anxiety anymore. For me this alone has made my life. There is nothing more precious than inner peace and happiness. This you cannot have when you are full of toxins and your systems are not functioning properly. Josh's programme is the real deal. Well explained and backed up with research by the worlds most renowned specialists in the field. I sincerely thank you Josh with all my heart.” – Jenifer Bernard (Nice, France)

“Feeling great!  Seriously, man, thank you for all the help.  I can tell it's really causing deep shifts in my health and energy levels.   I'm starting to feel some real positive change in the mental stuff.  Your recommendation for thyroid was key!  Totally grateful, dude.   I'm feeling really good.  It's been awesome to easily get up to hunt before the sunrise every day for the last week.  A year ago, I was a wreck after the hunting trip and had to miss several morning hunts because I had to sleep.  This year, I was able to handle the lack of sleep and the intensity of harvesting and butchering 3 deer with no issues at all.  I am very grateful for all your help in getting my good health back.  I'm stoked to see how far I can take it.  I'm feeling better than I did when I thought I was healthy 4 or 5 years ago …. His experience and knowledge has been incredibly valuable to me.  I believe in it so much that I would literally recommend doing whatever it takes to afford the full program.  Now that I know the results, I'd be willing to sell my car, sell my house, rent a shack…  whatever it would take to get me to the health I experience every day now.  I'm not even exaggerating!” – Kyle Miller (Seattle, WA)

“Dude, I know this thing is a greater than you and I but I must say I owe my life to you. Your self emancipation brought me a life. I cannot thank you enough for that Josh. But anyways, what is so amazing to me is how that from taking care of my bodies core energy system I can literally feel and see my own vibrational patterns shift. My interactions with the people and world around me are changing. I think back to my journey and drug use. I see in my heart why I ultimately gravitated toward soul dulling chemicals, further driving down the process. Even at a instinctual level I knew true plant medicines were causing me violent reactions because they were trying to tell me something was wrong. Slowly from rejuvenating my body's fundamental core energy field with living foods and supplements I am reconnecting with the world around me. I understand now that for me it is very important to consistently feed my bodies life force. Doing so by the foods I eat, supplements I take in, and love I give myself. From having a mixed balance of proper foods, binders, and supplements the difference is PROFOUND. As these spirits do not steer me wrong. I am beyond excited about the Lyme protocol. As it was so refreshing and exhilarating to know how that with the thickening of my blood and Chi compromised, it was no wonder things where the way they were. And how there is a natural solution for cellular respiration. All this stuff is SOO Amazing mannn!!!!” – Anonymous

“Hi Josh, I wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you. I saw you at the infinite man summit. Your speech was truly inspirational and you convinced me to get my mercury amalgams removed. I didn’t realise I was poisoned. I had massive mood swings, a constant brain fog, my short term memory was barely functioning. Since I got my mercury amalgams removed the mood swings are completely gone, my brain is functioning again and my short term memory is improving. I feel amazing, it’s all thanks to you! I have been using your supplement suggestions, I go to the sauna every day, I do colonics… I’m doing everything to excrete this shit out of my system. I was poisoned for so long I thought it was my normal state. I could barely function, now I’m full of energy, full of joy, my thoughts are clear, I’m starting a business… I never felt so good in my life! It’s all thanks to you. Thank you, thank you with all my heart.” – Jean Franois P. (UK)

“Another thing, good news, this week are going great things, I look at myself in the mirror and I see myself again, I can go out again, I can listen to music, I can stay with my friends, this medicine is spectacularly powerful. I still can not believe it, I've had such a bad time these past few years, and in just 26 days I'm fine, I do not want to imagine how I'll be in 80 days. Thanks josh. We did it. You saved my life.” – Jandro Carrele (Spain)

“Josh, I hope you're feeling the positive energy flow of this month like I am. 🙂 I'm writing to you on Labor Day to say thanks for all your hard work over the past four months. Because of your protocol and coaching, I feel lighter and I've got a lucidity in my head that I haven't felt for 20+ years. I appreciate your time, patience and kindness in helping me get thru the tunnel. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you”. – Carolyn Nardiello (Long Island, NY)

So all I have to say is that Josh is absolutely great coach. He really cares about the client and about him getting better. He always responds really fast to all questions and is in general very helpful. I can only recommend to everybody working with him, especially if someone is suffering from heavy metal toxicity or environmental toxicity in general, but I guess all of us are suffering from that to some extent. I was already working on heavy metal detox before I started working with Josh, but his program gave me some missing links, his protocol is really good and extensive, and some parts of it are really helpful, as many other heavy metal detox protocols don´t include some of these important parts, which can make all the process a lot easier… These parts of heavy metal detox protocol that I added while working with Josh have helped me a lot. Of course I still have a lot of work to do, but so far I feel I am on the right path:) I think a lot of this stuff is so powerful because it comes from Josh´s own experience, not just from some books or anything like that…” Liza Fischer (Germany)

“Hey Josh I just wanted to let you know that even though its been about a month into the gut healing, I feel the difference of mental clarity and pretty much all of my very slight depression i had is gone. Also I am more calm and just have sense of wellbeing, although im not 100% there yet. I know I hardly detoxed anything yet compared to you and other clients but I feel considerably better. Tomorrow I'm starting the parasite cleanse, and i cant wait! Also i cannot wait until the future because I know i'm going to feel amazing. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you giving me this opportunity and i know its going to change my life… You can use this email as a testimonial on your site, although im probably going to write you another one in a couple months because i know im going to feel way better than i do now! ” – Dylan Adolpho (Hawaii)

Hey Josh! Its exactly been 4 months in between these photos and the first photos are from January 19 and thats when i started my detox program with you. I have gained 13 pounds in between photos. I never could really gain weight and I have always been super super skinny. I honestly believe its from detox and getting rid of the stuff in my intestines so my body can absorb nutrients better. And I am also pretty sure it was from the superfoods and foods you recommend. Ive been eating power puddings almost everyday. Also a lot of the super food protein shakes. And a lot of the supplements. I was 113 now im around 126. And it was only from bodyweight training alone calisthenics! Although I did work hard training I truly believe i would not have really done it without detox. I feel great!!!” – Dylan Adolpho (Hawaii)

“You helped me get out of the pits of hell. No matter what transpires in life that is already in the marks of history. You yourself sparked life back into me. And that truth is worth more than gold. This is the new way, this is the future, and we are already there. I love you bro, and god bless you a million times over. If it where not for you I would be dead. I could never thoroughly repay you for that.” – Anonymous

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