The Tribe & Video Coaching Course

Tired of going through all of this shit alone? Embarrassed to be feeling like an alien when you talk about parasites and detoxification with your friends? I know the feeling.

After my years of torture, I spent weeks asking myself, “What would have made my healing journey 10x easier? What did I really need during those days?”

The answer that came to mind was:

A strong community.

So I decided to create a tight-knit, private Facebook tribe of like-minded warriors (male and female) from all around the world. And wow have I been totally blown away with the outcome. There are already a few semi-celebs in there 🙂 

As you will soon see, a community is the ultimate form of healing, and synergy is the ultimate form of learning.

As being a member of this tribe, you will have access to the monthly live video webinars I present you with all of the newest information I have learned about detoxification, spirituality, and wellness and I directly answer your questions. You'll also have access to all of the previous webinars. Because the field of detoxification is always changing, I am constantly on top of the “next best thing” or any new revelations that have come about and I will always be sure to share them with you.

This is an awesome opportunity for you because previously my services for 1-on-1 health coaching were $6,000. 

I know the community and webinars are powerful enough to transform someones health and knowledge, but just in case it isn't, as a member of the tribe you'll also have unlimited access to the video coaching course which is eight super detailed modules on everything I have learned since starting this journey. And everything I have done to cure my chronic fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

Including the detoxification of the organs, tissues, and brain of candida, plastics, estrogens, PCB's, PBDE's, heavy metals, viruses, mold, parasites, bacteria, and other chemicals.

I will teach you how to make nutrient dense elixirs, smoothies, and foods that will invigorate your being. Most of them have more nutrients than the previous 10 meals you most recently ate. Oh ya and they taste great!

I will teach you how to cleanse your colon of old, putrefied, rotting fecal matter. Most human beings by the age of 30 will have 7-15 lbs of decay and death living in their intestines. Watch as your depression literally gets flushed down the toilet.

I will teach you how I healed my gut, how to slay the parasites that are eating away at your life force, and show you how to do this with minimal detox reactions and in the correct order. I will share with you my favorite supplements, brands, combinations, and the best times of day to take everything.

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*Update 9/1/17 –To answer a common question I get, the tribe is not the same thing as the free support group. 

(As a member of the tribe, you'll also get access to The Detox Dudes retreats. They are epic)